Responsible for the treatment

Plusquam Pharma S.L. CIF B06601801. PI. El Carrascal, 21. 06140 Talavera La Real (Badajoz).

Delegate of data protection

Bunker Sistemas Integrales S.L. CIF B06732846. Ronda del Pilar 8. 06002 Badajoz (Badajoz).

Data on which treatment is performed

Plusquam Pharma S.L. will request your contact and identification data, national identity document, health data and means of payment.

Purpose and legitimacy of the treatment

Your data is requested for the purpose of executing a contract for advisory services and sales of dietetic and cosmetic products. The cause of the legitimation is the execution of a contract.

Sharing of your data to third parties

Your data will be shared with:

  • Bunker Sistemas Integrales S.L. with the purpose of advising on compliance with the regulations on protection of personal data, during the time necessary to respond to their requests for rights.
  • Gonzalo PÌriz CastaÒo for the purpose of compliance with tax obligations and during the period essential for compliance with them.
  • Servinet Sistemas y ComunicaciÛn S.L. for the purpose of administration and maintenance of computer equipment.
  • Soluciones Web Online S.L. for the purpose of web hosting.
  • Kellenfold Advertising S.L. with the purpose of advertising management and social networks.

International Data Transfers

Plusquam Pharma S.L. uses the services of Leadaki S.A., located in Argentina, for the purpose of the computerized management of the chat Cliengo Chatbox where you can make inquiries that are transmitted to our specialist staff in Spain. Leadaki S.A. is committed to comply with the obligations of the legislation on data protection in force in Spain and the European Union. The data is deleted once it is transmitted to our specialist staff.

Exercise of your rights in relation to the protection of personal data..

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, deletion and transfer by:

  • Write about it to Plusquam Pharma S.L.
  • in our center, filling out the form about it
  • through our Data Protection Delegate

To exercise your rights and in compliance with current legislation you must identify yourself through a legal document.

Extension of this information

You can request an extension of this information in our centers, on our websites and or through our data protection delegate.

Claims through the control authority

You have the right to complain to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection if you consider that your rights in protection of personal data have not been adequately protected.

Privacy Policy

Plusquam Pharma S.L. is committed to the confidentiality of the personal data that you provide. Your data will be treated in compliance with the precepts of the EU Standard 679/2016 General Regulation of Data Protection and other current legislation on protection of personal data, security of the information society and electronic commerce.

Your data will not be communicated to any third party outside the service provided by Plusquam Pharma S.L. and the use of data made by those responsible for treatment for which Plusquam Pharma S.L. is responsible. It will be limited to the services that you expressly request from our company.

The data you provide will be stored during the time necessary to comply with the requested service and obligations in labor, tax and any other legal matter that affects us.