The brand of women

Until just over a 100 years ago, women could not vote, manage our assets, or travel alone without the company of a man. It was said of us, that we were weak and that we were not prepared, and those that did were criticized or branded as eccentric.

Women like Antonia Arrobas Pèrez, extremaduran from Talavera la Real (Badajoz), born in 1858, first high school student in Spain. Emilia Serrano García, journalist, writer and poet, who traveled throughout the Americas in 1865. Clara Campoamor writer, politician and defender of women’s rights born in 1888. Concepción Arenal, a leading Spanish writer born in 1820, and the Spanish biochemist Margarita Salas are Clear examples of women who have struggled to change the established.

It has taken centuries of struggle and the effort of thousands of women to make things different today.


Being a woman does not imply having a partner, being a mother or feeling beautiful; It means freely choosing your way of life without fear of being judged socially, whether as mothers, workers, single women or whatever one might want.

In Actifemme we work so that the figure of women has the same importance as that of men, feel free, valued and respected.

Our brand is not just a simple brand. Nor is it another brand of women’s health. Actifemme was born with the commitment to support women, with the initiative of women, but also with that of men.

Everything we do in Actifemme is one step ahead … and who better than us to know our needs?

It is possible that without knowing it, we are all a little Actifemme.